Thursday, 16 October 2014

How Depop Brings Out Your Inner Marketer?

What is Depop? Depop is one of the latest trading mobile applications, that allows users to buy and sell goods. Sounds basic enough right?...Wrong. Depop allows users to fully integrate social networks into it's app, by giving users the opportunity to effectively market products using them.

Many people may know by now, that most of people's time these days is spent on social networks, so much so, that pretty much all social networks have apps on mobile devices, as well as the traditional websites. From a marketers perspective, this is the perfect platform and clears up why Depop would target social networks.

Depop allows users to market and sell their own products by using images taken from the users phones, (which are moving closer and closer to actual camera's these days) and sell them to people involved in their social networks. If you were to assume that the majority of users on our own social networks like many of the things we do, (Yes it's a bold assumption) then from the outside looking in, you can see why this app would hold mass appeal.

From a social standpoint the things that people have in common with each other can sometimes form the basis on which they'll become friends or at the least, friends online. For example I'm a big football fan and what I have in common with most of my friends is that they are too. If I wanted to sell some football memorabilia using Depop and promote it using my social networks, then it is likely one of my friends or one of their friends might be interested.

A simple 'share' or maybe a 'retweet' can spread the fact someone selling something and potentially get me a customer willing to check out the goods I have for sale. This is probably the best thing about Depop. It only takes one person with a few hundred followers to spread the word, or maybe out of those few hundred a certain portion of those numbers, could actually become buyers. It could even mean that the buyers could follow you on these social networks and that means there is always scope for repeat buyers.

Check it out on the Play Store. Depop

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