Thursday, 21 May 2015

Marketing Week Live

Image result for mwl 2015 logoOn the 30th of April, the annual marketing exhibition Marketing Week Live took place at the Kensington Olympia. There were many different types of marketing personnel present. Companies that deal specialise in brand merchandising, digital marketing, recruitment and a few others.

My main goal of attending Marketing Week Live was to build opportunities to network with people involved in similar industries, educate myself and to gain new ideas to develop myself personally and in business. One thing I must commend Marketing Week on were the talks. The talks were absolutely fantastic and the guests that were invited to speak were company executives who had been involved in different elements of mentioned campaigns etc.

There was one such talk that really inspired me, that was in the Marketing Academy bootcamp theatre. Lysa Hardy from Holland & Barrett gave a brilliant, stand out, presentation on 'The importance of using technology in marketing'. It was extremely insightful and really underlined the way marketing techniques are changing or adapting to the current demands of today's consumer. She went into detail about the ways in which Holland and Barrett have actively got customers to keep on spending money with them, both online and offline. She even revealed the early ideas they had in the making, in accordance with the ever changing technologies.

Exhibitors That Stood Out

Aside from the talks in their respective theatres, I was impressed by quite a few exhibitors as there were so many to choose from. The ones that really stood out to me were:

In an exhibition full of promotional marketing organisations there were few that really stood out to me. One of which that defied the odds was Wing Lee Creative.  At first I thought the company had something to do with China, (just because of the name) but after talking to a representative I discovered exactly how creative they have been and can be, in regards to promotional marketing material. The guy I spoke to showed me pieces that they had created for big brands such as Formula 1 (F1) and Babybel. Really creative pieces. One could descibe it as out of this world in terms of creativity. With products to suit all budgets this is a company's services I plan on using in the future and one you should all check out.

Gemini recruitment
Gemini recruitment by name is recruitment company specialising in roles in marketing, advertising and communications. I spoke to a guy called Morgan that explained exactly what they do and most importantly how they go about helping to make the unemployed, employed. If you're looking for roles in any of the aforementioned disciplines then you should definitely check them out.

Another promotional marketing organisation. Roantree's products really drew me to them upon walking past. I spoke to a representative of the company and asked him how Roantree differs from similar services such as Vistaprint. He went into great detail taking the time out to explain thoroughly.  The personal aspect of Roantree is a sure fire selling point, not to mention the quality of the products.

Demojive is the first company I've come across of it's type. They are solely dedicated to making video which can be used for promotional marketing campaigns.  It's a brilliant concept. Interested in some new video for your business? You must have a look.

I'm pretty sure there are hundreds of companies that sell images/videos for business use, however from a discussion with the lady at the Depositphotos stand, I decided that Depositphotos stands out amongst the crowd. They offer brilliant images for cheaper than some other popular competitors and the percentage they pay distributors is really good too. See their website for more information.

Amazing If are a career development organisation.  I visited Amazing If's talk at the marketing Academy bootcamp theatre about networking. Personally I didn't think I was the strongest networker, but the ladies that founded Amazing If, Sarah Ellis and Helen Tupper, enabled me to learn of many ways I can improve. Using the topic of networking they also mentioned other skills that could help me with career development and for that I just had to ensure I mentioned them in this post.
Thanks for reading my personal review of Marketing Week Live 2015. If you want to experience it first hand I've included a link below for registration. I'll definitely be there next year, so hope to see some of my audience.

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