Wednesday, 3 June 2015

The Cheapest Methods of Advertising Your Business

Dependent on the type of business that you have set up, or are planning to set up, cost of advertising can be very costly.

Here are some of the cheapest methods of advertising

Social Networks

Image result for social mediaTo set up an account on most social networks is relatively cheap or free. The benefit of social networks are that they cost nothing to make an account. Using social networks such as instagram, Twitter and Facebook, means a business can easily advertise its product quickly and efficiently. It is totally free to upload a picture or video, tweet, write a status. Just make sure you know how to word your advert well.
In terms of further investment in advertising Facebook and Twitter allow users to create paid adverts of their business, in order to reach a wider audience. They even have packages to suit every budget.


Clothing is one of the cheapest but most intriguing forms of advertising. A good design always helps out. It doesn't have to be a jumper representing your online or brick store. What if you as the business owner wanted to bring some order and pizazz to your business? Bring in a nice uniform. That's a really strong form of advertisement. Anytime someone sees your staff in a uniform, it will always be related to your business.


Merchandise can be quite a broad topic. Things that people use everyday can be used to promote a brand. Pens, mugs, fridge magnets etc. are all good options to advertise your business. Not only are they handy but the fact they're everyday usage, means many people can see what your companies about and it can peak their interest. In my last post I have mentioned some companies that specialise in this area. You can check it out here


Offers and competitions are one of the best ways to drive people to pay attention to your business.  A motto we swore by at a previous job suggested that "humans are naturally greedy" so they'd always want something for nothing. By providing offers especially where people end up paying less, will drive consumers to your business.


Depending on the type of radio and station you want to advertise your business on determines the cost of advertising using this platform. For this post, I am going to use local radio as the example. Local radio can advertise for as little as £30

Mailing List

To provide company information on a mass scale a mailing list is probably the cheapest and most efficient way to do this. Software programs such as MailChimp and SendBlaster can send emails to selected people in minutes. The mailing list is created by information put into a database and sent to the relevant people.

Supposing your company came up with a new offer or competition then this is one of the most effective ways to get the message across quickly, efficiently and to many people at once. 

Thanks for reading. For this post some of the ideas were generated by some of my marketer colleagues. You can find them on Twitter @Olson_realm, @Jlunsi and Patrick Oyelese on Linkedin

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